We've been going through some serious withdrawal from the lack of live TV tweeting from Danbury's Mayor Mark "Big Poppa" Boughton since The Walking Dead ended in April.

However, Boughton is back at it giving us up to the minute commentary, this time on the zombie series' spinoff, Fear the Walking Dead

All is well again with the world.

The spinoff takes place in Los Angeles and follows a family's experience as the world is adapting to the new plague outbreak and beginning of the zombie apocalypse. It's sort of prequel to The Walking Dead, before society has completely broken down.

The absolute best part is when Boughton commented on the zombie/Orange is the New Black crossover since OITNB actress Elizabeth Rodriquez (she plays Dayanara’s mother Aleida Diaz) is cast in the show  It's extra cool because OITNB is based on a Piper Kerman's real life account of her time behind bars at our very own Danbury Federal Correctional Facility.

Miss an episode? Forget to set the DVR? Boughton's got your back. Just check out his Twitter page. Every Sunday night he's all over Twitter with play by play commentary of whats happening on the show.

We are expecting a big night of tweets on Sunday Oct. 11, for the Season 6 premiere of The Walking Dead.


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