We've all known of supporting friends who are sick by going to walks or charity events, but how about biking across six states?

According to The News Times, Danbury resident
Jennifer Lynch did just that when she found out her childhood friend had developed cancer. She was working in Colorado when she found out that her friend,
Ericka Onorato had cancer that had spread to her lymph nodes.

After the unfortunate diagnosis, Jennifer decided to take part in a 30-day bike ride across New England during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, October. With this bike ride, the hope was to help raise money for the expensive treatments for her friend.

The two friends had known each other since elementary school and graduated from Danbury High in 1995. 

Onorato has since undergone treatments and surgery which she is positively responding to and is now considered cancer free!  Lynch named her bike ride "Cycle My Heart Out" and hopes it shows support to other patients affected by cancer.

Way to go Jennifer!  What a great way to not only show love and care towards a good friend, but to raise money and give others in a similar situation hope.