The NewsTimes has reported  that Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton and his wife Phyllis have decided to end their marriage.

The Mayor told the NewsTimes that the marriage has been headed in this direction for a number of years. Phyllis filed divorce papers in Bridgeport on Monday citing Irreconcilable differences.

Mayor Mark had nothing but good things to say about his wife telling the NewsTimes,

Working together, we did great things for the community.

I have a couple of fond memories about Mr. and Mrs. Boughton that took place on the stage in CityCenter Danbury. I forget the band, and the year, but it was during A Taste of Danbury, where Lou and I were asked to do the introductions for the headlining band, except we weren't the ones actually bringing the band onstage. Lou and I walked up on stage, introduced ourselves, and welcomed the hundreds of concert goers, made a couple of stage announcements and then proceeded to introduce, "Please welcome, the mayor of the great city of Danbury, Mayor Mark Boughton!" Applause, applause, applause! Mayor Mark said a few words, made the crowd laugh, and then proceeded to introduce his wife, Phyllis who received thunderous applause, and some hoots and hollers, and then proceeded to introduce the main act. She ended up being the star of the show.

It's sad to hear the Mayor and the First Lady are calling it a marriage, but it sounds like it's all for the best. The Mayor told the NewsTimes they were working on an amicable agreement and have no regrets about their marriage.

All of us here at I-95 wish these two wonderful individuals nothing but the very best!

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