Things you need to know on June 19.

Thanks to MetroNews Source for the following.

  • A Danbury man is facing charges after he allegedly struck a pedestrian Tuesday night and left the scene before police arrived. After the incident Sergio Castro allegedly gave the victim his business card and drove away. Police located Castro and have charged him with evading responsibility and driving without a license.
  • This one should come as no surprise. Donald Trump is trending higher than any other Republican presidential candidate on Google searches in all but three states, according Google. Google went on to report that Tuesday, the day Trump announced was the biggest search day. Makes sense, people were beyond curious to see what the Donald might have said.
  • One of my biggest rants is about this. Now dozens of states are cracking down on drivers who impede traffic in the far left lanes of highways. At least 38 states have laws that can result in fines for lingerers in the left lanes. Enforcement in most states with those laws is left mostly up to the discretion of highway law enforcement officers.
  • Finally a group of Vietnam vets will receive benefits for illnesses related to their exposure to Agent Orange. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs said Thursday it's making benefits available to Air Force members who flew in C-123 aircraft after they were used to spray the toxic chemical in Vietnam. The "Military Times" says the move could provide health care and disability payments to over two-thousand former service members.

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