Things you need to know on June 10.

Thanks to MetroNews Source for the following.

  • My Alma-mater Danbury High School is poised for some big changes.  Danbury voters approved  a 53-million-dollar expansion at Danbury High School. The plan calls for the creation of a 24 classroom freshman academy in the back of the building. Also a new auto shop, a theater and many other upgrades and improvements.
  • We love Stew Leonard's and now so does the country. According to
    "Business Insider" Stew Leonard's is the best grocery store in the country. The study looked at affordability, customer service, quality and as well as other factors in reaching their decision. Stew's first opened in Norwalk in 1969, with only had eight employees, and now they employ over two-thousand people.
  •  "Blue Ice Vodka" is doing the hit series "Breaking Bad" and it's fans a solid. They are releasing a "limited edition" vodka called "Heisenberg". The company says the vodka is inspired by the TV show. The vodka comes in three special-edition bottles with distinctive graphics and memorable quotes by Bryan Cranston's character Walter White's alter-ego, Heisenberg.
  • Can you say road "TRIP"? An outdoor resort promoting itself as a "Bud+Breakfast" is putting the recreation into recreational marijuana use. CannaCamp is a 170-acre Colorado mountain resort providing outdoor- and cannabis-related activities for its customers. The resort however can only provide the recreational part of the Rocky Mountain high. CannaCamp says that for legal reasons, it cannot provide the marijuana.

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