Last year, there was a battle in Danbury over noise. On one side were citizens who thought the loud music, specifically in Rogers Park, was too loud. The other side were citizens who were blasting music from their cars in the parking lots during athletic events.  

According to the News Times, Danbury officials will propose changes to the noise ordinance, which will basically allow the police to decide what is too loud and what is not. Also, there is apparently a problem at the volleyball courts on Olive Street, where residents are said to have been buying and selling alcohol, paired with loud music from their car sound systems.

I like the vibe at the local parks. Sure, I don't recognize any of the songs because they are from foreign lands. And, no, I don't speak Spanish, so, I don't know what they are saying. And, yeah the songs are 45 minutes long with the same beat throughout, but we gotta mix it up and have some fun, ya know?

Whatever they decide to do, I'm sure it won't work. It's too much to enforce. You're asking the cops to pull up, and talk to everyone who is playing music is too loud? That will take all day. Also, it's too vague to have each individual police officer determining what is, and what is not, too loud. There will not be any consistency.

Either way, I'm just happy we are looking forward to what happens this summer. Summer time, man. Bring it.