That's the only pic of my dad and I where we were alone.  He taught me that our government is about the bottom line.  The U.S. government is a business that only cares about taking their dollar.

My dad and I rarely agree on social issues, but we certainly agree on financial ones. Yes, those two worlds will sometimes intersect and put two people at odds, but this online betting thing is black and white.

This online fantasy football thing is everything they claim to be. They are an annual multibillion dollar a year industry. The governments only problem with this is they are not getting their share. That is what my dad taught me.

The government is WAY worse than organized crime. The U.S. government will never host a game that you do not have to pay for.  The hilarious part is that our technology is way too fast for them to regulate and or steal from. These two companies legally made money in public in Uncle Sam's face without getting their cut. That is why they are being told to shut down.

Draft Kings and Fan Duel have probably have done nothing wrong, but the government will try and convince you that they did.

DON'T BE IGNORANT. THE GOVERNMENT FOUND A GAME THEY COULD NOT TAX AND GOT PISSED. Bet fast and often if you want. Bet fast and often especially now while you can without Uncle Sam getting his cut.

My dad obviously did not literally tell me that these two genius baby companies were going to raked over the coals by the man, but he told me they were always going to get their cut.  We are outraged by Starbucks coffee cups, but do not care that enterprising American business men are being treated like criminals because the political elite are not getting their cut.