Bacon is bacon to me, but there are some differences

I've seen an explosion of "uncured" bacon in the past couple of years. To my sensitive palate, it tastes pretty much the same as "regular" cured bacon. I started exploring the differences between them. The first article that I read was from the website You can read it by clicking HERE

The main difference between uncured and cured bacon is in the preservation process. Both types of bacon are "cured" in some way, but the "uncured" bacon is 'free' of manufactured preservatives, using natural occurring preservatives instead, like celery salt and lactic acid. "Cured" bacon uses manufactured sodium nitrate or brine to treat the product. Which is "healthier"? "Uncured" bacon is typically much higher in salt content, but considered "Natural", we know now that too much salt is bad for us.

So, basically, "uncured" bacon is "Natural", and higher in salt. "Cured" bacon has manufactured salts and preservatives keeping it stable. Which is better? YOU DECIDE on July 18th at our inaugural Bacon and Brew Festival! See if you can taste the difference. Buy your tickets now at

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