There are two sides of the undocumented immigrant story emerging in Connecticut. Only time will tell how it plays out under the new administration.

If you watched the 60 Minutes interview on Sunday with President elect Donald Trump, or have had any news channel on in the past two days, you've heard that he plans to deport between 2,000,000 and 3,000,000 undocumented immigrants.

Connecticut's Governor Malloy has weighed in with a message of his own. In a story from the New Haven Register, Malloy says he will not support those possible efforts by President-elect Donald Trump. The Governor's spokesperson Meg Green had this to say to the New Haven Register:

We are a nation of immigrants and, here in Connecticut, we celebrate the value immigrant families bring to our communities and the contributions they make to our economy. (Malloy) does not and will not support deporting our residents to areas where they aren’t going to be safe.”

Malloy says he would support a discussion about realistic and responsible changes to federal immigration policy.

Aside from Malloy's stance, another story is emerging involving undocumented residents and the Connecticut cities they live in. According to, New Haven and other cities that are considered sanctuaries for illegal immigrants could be looking at a possible loss of federal funding. President-elect Donald Trump has also indicated that he will stop funding for sanctuary cities right after he takes office. New Haven has been a leader in the sanctuary city movement, going so far as to provides identification cards for residents who are undocumented.

I honestly have no answer about how we can untangle this mess, but no man, woman or child should live in fear being in the U.S.