We all are aware of what happens when states need to make budget cuts. Sadly, more often then not, it affects education and impacts the little joys in life.

Every day, we are bombarded with craziness all around us. Sadness making its way all across the country. It's not easy to find a bit of relaxation and happiness, but we sure need it. It really stinks to know that locally, some opportunities to kick back and enjoy may dry up.

Courant.com reports that Connecticut tourism officials say that the elimination of funding for the state's three tourism districts could have a tremendous impact on travel in the state.The new state budget eliminates over one-million-dollars to fund the Eastern, Western and Central travel districts.

Ed Dombroskas, executive director of the Eastern Regional Tourism District told the Hartford Courant:

While we recognize the substantial fiscal problems facing the state, complete elimination of the district means the economic gains of tourism will not be realized

The Hartford Courant listed five things to know about the regional tourism districts in Connecticut, among them, the fact that the districts market and promote regional tourism by using websites, brochures, and more.

Major budget cuts, obviously, will have a huge impact on the tourism industry to get the word out about events and happenings throughout Connecticut.

Here's a full report on all of the statewide budget cuts across the board as reported by WTNH.com

Staycation is looking better all the time.

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