Could it be time for this action, or is it going overboard?

You wouldn't catch me ever playing paintball. While I get the idea of the thrill of it, and the skill, and whatever else draws people to play, I just can't wrap my head around running around shooting people.

Senator Richard Blumenthal and the New haven Police Department have spoken out calling for an end to sales of paintball guns that look similar to a real assault rifle.

In a story from, Blumenthal discussed the issue in which the real-looking weapons have caused fear among residents in recent weeks.

Without a doubt, as the world changes, so should some rules and laws. It turns out that most toy guns are required to have markings like the blaze orange barrel plug, however paintball guns are specifically exempt.

Blumenthal had this to say to the New Haven Register:

Paintball guns ought to be treated the same way as any other kind of toy gun and there should be a clear mark, an orange plug, or some other kind of clear marking that is apparent to a patrolman who is out in the middle of the night under a dimly lit area and the danger of confusion should be avoidable.

New Haven Police came up against an issue with paintball guns looking like assault rifles back in September. In an article in from September 30, police are very concerned about a paintball "war" in the city.

Police spokesman Officer David Hartman told the New Haven Register:

The warning is this; Dangerous situations with potentially tragic outcomes exist when responding police officers can’t quickly determine if the gun displayed is real or not

No longer is a paintball "game" an outing in a specific place. You can purchase the guns and play virtually anywhere. It would make sense to me that regulations need to change, as does the look of the guns.

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