After a lengthy battle, Apple is due to pay up. Connecticut residents may get refunds.

Are you, or someone you know, curling up with their nose in an eBook any time soon? Have you been buying them through Apple? Then you need to know that a refund is probably coming your way!

According to, Connecticut residents are eligible for six-million-dollars as part of a nationwide settlement with Apple over price fixing of eBooks. Apple previously agreed to pay up, but then they appealed. They have lost their final appeal in the Connecticut price fixing case.

Connecticut's Attorney General George Jepsen released a statement about the case just the other day on the website. As with any of these cases you know it takes time to get an email about any refund due you. But if you are a "one-click" addict like me, maybe you can add to your list of eBooks this weekend. Wonder what my indulgence will be?

You know I'll be talking about the latest "hot" read on-air soon!

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