Things you need to know on August 12.

Thanks to MetroNews Source for the following.

  • Police are trying to locate an Easton couple who have been missing for over a week. Jeanette and Jeffrey Navin were last seen August fourth, and their car was located this past weekend off exit-42 of the Merritt Parkway in Westport. Anyone with information about the couple's whereabouts is asked to contact Easton Police.
  • Florida is preparing to honor firefighters from 9-11. A World Trade Center beam is heading from New York City to Florida for a 9-11 memorial. The seven-foot, one ton I-beam recovered from the rubble following the terrorist attacks. Today, it's being trucked to the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral. There it will be erected outside one of the center's fire stations as the centerpiece of a tribute to the343 firefighters killed on 9-11.
  • You think Earth is crowded now? United Nations researchers say global population will increase by more than 20-percent, to nine-point-seven billion by 2050, They see total population growing from today's seven-point-three billion to eleven-point-two billion by the year 2100.They say the U.S. population will jump from the current 320-some million to 450-million over the next 85 years.
  • According to this story, you won't have to worry much about over-population! An international team of astronomers from the Galaxy and Mass Assembly Survey confirmed this week that the universe is currently emitting only about half the energy it did two billion years ago. In lay men's terms - It's getting old and can't last forever.Good news - we won't be around to watch it happen because while the end is coming, it's at least 100 billion years away.

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