Brings to mind, here's your sign, thinning of the herd, and can we nominate you for the Darwin Award?

Of course, crimes are committed everywhere and every day. Sometimes, I can do nothing other than shake my head -- and then laugh so hard, I nearly pee myself.

According to the New Haven Police Department, officers were headed to a reported crash and during the drive, they spotted a number of people loitering in front of a building. Turns out, the building they were hanging around has a "No Trespassing" sign, and the owner has complained about the issue before.

The police report states that when the officers went back to investigate, they recognized Michael Driffin Jr., who is a known gang member. According to police, Driffin told them he was just chillin', as he turned away from them trying to hide something. Shortly after that, he allegedly admitted he had a firearm.

So what do you do when confronted by police, and you know you're up to no good and you're not allowed to posses a firearm, much less a stolen one?

Shove it into your underwear was the brilliant choice for this dude. Really? Because the officers won't notice? Because you'll get away with it? Because just handing it over wasn't the smart thing to do? Alright, I know - duh!

The report sates the officers retrieved a stolen loaded and chambered black Colt .32 caliber semi-automatic handgun from Driffin’s underwear. On top of that, a search incident to the arrest, turned up several bags of marijuana, over $500 in cash and a couple cell phones. A November court date is set for Driffin to face a slew of charges from the incident.