Things you need to know on July 10.

Thanks to Metronews Source for the following:

  • Gov. Dannel Malloy yesterday signed the Second Chance Society bill into law. The measure lowers penalties for drug possession, lowering the number of people in prison for non-violent crimes. It also looks to streamline the parole and pardon process.
  • Avian flu is affecting your frozen treats. Rita's won't be serving frozen custard due to a nationwide egg shortage caused by the avian flu outbreak. Rita's says it will substitute the custard with soft serve ice cream in its frozen treats until it rebuilds its egg supply. All 600 Rita's Italian Ice locations are affected.
  • Today marks the beginning of "New Music Fridays." The British Phonographic Industry says starting today, singers, record labels and retailers are aligning their global distribution so new music is released in different countries on the same day. Prior to today, music release days have varied across countries, and the BPI says fans didn't understand why they had to wait to get new music that had already been released in other countries.
  • Harper Lee hasn't released a new book since her 1960 classic "To Kill A Mockingbird," which sold 40 million copies and won a Pulitzer Prize. Her new novel, "Go Set a Watchman," is due to be published in 26 countries on July 14, and is currently the number one best-seller on getting the most orders since the last Harry Potter book!

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