The debate about medical marijuana rages on, not surprisingly, but Connecticut has moved one step closer to treating children.

I'm not a parent, but it seems obvious to me that no parent wants to see their child suffer, ever. Without a doubt, the medical marijuana debate is a hot topic on any level, but it ramps up a whole lot when you are talking about children.

The scales in Connecticut tipped on Wednesday night.

In a story from, the House of Representatives, with backing from Connecticut’s pediatricians, voted 129 to 13 for legislation that would let physicians prescribe a non-smokable form of marijuana - cannabis oils - to treat children for a half-dozen serious medical conditions.

If you are the parents of a child with childhood epilepsy or another severe neurological condition this news appears to be a step forward for many. The bill would allow physicians to use liquid forms of the drug that have been found to sharply reduce seizure episodes.

The bill now goes to the Connecticut Senate.