Things you need to know on August 19.

Thanks to MetroNews Source for the following.

  • Oh the agony! Waiting at the DMV is turning into even more of a nightmare for some. Wait times were in the hours yesterday, as branches across Connecticut launched new software. A DMV spokesman said lines wrapped around buildings before they even opened and the average wait time by mid-afternoon was between five and seven hours.
  • It's World Humanitarian Day. The UN General Assembly designated August 19th as a day to pay tribute to humanitarian aid workers killed while helping the poor. To bring attention to global relief efforts, the United Nations is asking people to donate their social media feed today to share stories of humanitarian work that's being done around the world. You can donate your Twitter or Facebook feed by going to
  • Kudos for women. The Navy is moving to open its elite SEAL teams to women. Chief of Navy Operations Admiral Jon Greenert told the "Defense News" yesterday there is no reason not to accept anybody who can meet the demanding standards of the special operations unit. There's no word yet when the Navy will let women compete for spots in the SEALS.
  • Things that make you go "Hhhmmmm." A professor at England's Kingston University is planning to dress as each David Bowie persona throughout the next year. "Rolling Stone" reports it's an attempt by cultural studies professor Will Brooker to better understand the elusive Bowie. Brooker  will "method-act" personas like Ziggy Stardust and the Thin White Duke. As they say, "whatever floats your boat"!

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