It was 10am on Thursday morning, May 28 and Lou and I were waiting on a call from CSN's, David Crosby. The interview had been set up by an independent rock radio network, who had scheduled a series of interviews with Crosby with a handful of radio stations across the U.S.

When the phone lit up promptly at 10am, the network's engineer from their studio's in New York City came on the line to let us know they had Crosby standing by.

As we greeted him we asked if he could hear us OK. He explained that "something" didn't sound quite right but we proceeded none the less.. Twenty seconds into our interview, the line went dead. We sat there not really knowing how to proceed, desperately hoping the board engineer would come back on the line.

It was not to be.

We slammed down the phone while yelling a series of expletives knowing we had missed our 10 to 10:10am window of opportunity with David "Freakin" Crosby. At 10:20am. our studio hotline lights up and it's the Producer of the network, who's a friend of mine, to let us know that he received a rather loud earful from Crosby, who was a bit upset about the technical problems along with the dumb ass jocks from his third radio station interview.

Fortunately, Crosby remembered Lou and I from last years interview and "instructed" the producer to call us back and set up a 11:10am interview if we had the availability. We asked about his solo acoustic tour, his feelings about Neil Young, how they chose the set list for their shows, and if I could come up onstage and sing a tune with him. Here's what he had to say, complete with a brilliant slide show to compliment our conversation.

On July 2, David Crosby steps out onto the Ridgefield Playhouse stage with an acoustic guitar to play his songs from his days with The Byrds, Crosby, Stills, and Nash and sometimes Young, along with his collaborations with Graham Nash, and selections from his most recent solo album, titled "Croz." Tickets are available at 203-438-5795 or at

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