As if there isn't enough for parents to worry about.

Don't take candy from strangers. Don't get in a strangers car. Stranger danger! All the horrors of the world around us while your kids play outside or walk to and from school.

Coyotes roaming around. Their population has grown in the past years. You see them even out on the highway. You think about them when your pets are outside. But did you ever give coyotes a thought as your child walked to school?

Parents may now have a new concern. According to a story from the, three coyotes apparently followed a child home from school.

Navya Sharma was walking home when she saw coyotes following her. I know I would have probably panicked and started running, buy Navya kept her cool longer than most of us would. Gotta love this kid, she just kept on her way home for the most part. Until one of the coyotes growled. She told the Stamford Advocate:

They were really quiet. It was hard to see them. But they were following me. I saw his teeth, I ran.

Sharma told authorities that she heard one of the coyotes growl when it got close, and she made a run for it and got home safely.

The reality is that coyotes are here to stay. Stamford Animal Control Manager, Tilford Cobb had this to say to the Stamford Advocate:

They are comfortable around us and they have no predators, so that makes things difficult.

Connecticut, it's the new Wild West!

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