According to, cow burps and farts are responsible for 164.3 million metric tons of CO2 a year. 

That number, according to the report, may not be as accurate as we would like it to. That is because there is no uniform way to measure the emissions produced by livestock worldwide. Some of the world's larger agriculture companies are trying to reduce their footprint on greenhouse gases. One company has put domes over their livestock to capture the methane gases, while another has introduced more Omega-3 fatty acids into their cows' diets.

This, apparently, is a real problem. I had no idea. I'm sure there is someone out there reading this right now, wondering why I did not know this, but I did not. My question is, what is my personal methane footprint? Ethan, my morning show partner, I am sure would be willing to attest to the fact that I am not helping the greenhouse gas problem.

I guess if I had to simplify it, the problem is that there are too many humans. More humans means we need more cows to feed them, which equals more cow farts, which contributes to the destruction of our global environment. People say God has a sense of humor. There would be nothing more humorous than for the human race to be taken out by a collective fart. That's the film I want to watch. Not Armageddon starring Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck, but Fartmageddon starring Ethan Carey and Lou Milano.