A story on Patch.com tells of a Michigan man who proposed to his girlfriend at a Walmart in Bay City on New Year's Eve. This classy guy convinced an employee to read a note over the public address system asking the girlfriend to marry him.She ended up saying "Yes," and then hugging and kissing broke out while store patrons applauded! As the merriment wound down, the newly engaged couple happily continued their shopping as they loaded up their cart with jewelry and sex-toys.

Credit - Getty Images/Araya Diaz

Their memorable day went south when they conveniently 'forgot' to pay for the jewelry and sex-toys they had stuffed into their clothing. Later on that same day, police found William J. Cornelius Jr. dozing off in a mall food court as he was tying his shoes. The good news was he had paid cash for the $29.62 engagement ring he had purchased at Walmart.

The girlfriend gave Cornelius up saying he had lifted the earrings and a necklace. Cornelius was arraigned on one count of retail fraud while his betrothed also posted bond. I wonder if they'll end up living 'happily ever after'?

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