They wear Victorian clothing and cook on their wood heated stove, and they use an ice box which requires them to buy block ice weekly. Meet Sarah and Gabriel Chrisman who live in Port Townsend, Washington.The Chrisman's have chosen to live "Victorian" life to better understand the past. They heat their home with 19th century gas heaters and for light they use paraffin lanterns, They even go as far as cooking 19th century recipes.

They told, "It's not imagine what it would have been like to wear a corset daily, it's "this is what it's like."

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Their home does have Wi-Fi however because Sarah uses her computer to write. She's already written two books about her "Victorian" lifestyle. Sarah makes all of her own clothes and Gabriel has all of his clothes custom made. They have never owned a cell phone and Sarah has never had a driver's license.

OMG, you mean they actually communicate one on one with other humans?

Even though they both have college degrees, Gabriel in library science and Sarah in French and international studies, they both face discrimination from people who think they're a bit off center because they dress and live the lifestyle from the Victorian age in the late 1800's.

So tell me what you think. No cell phones, no electricity, wearing corsets. Would you hang with the Chrismans'? Are they way too over the top with this "history thing?" What say you?

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