As if you didn't waste enough time glued to Facebook, Mr. Zuckerberg and his FB minions have just introduced some new emoting emojis.This will ROCK YOUR WORLD! Joining the new "Like" emoji are the "Sad," "Happy," "WOW," "Love," "HaHa," and "Angry" emojis according to I have a deep underlying fear that eventually, as the technology progresses, FB will have a vast, never ending menu of emojis much like my iPhone.

Screen From My iphone of Emojis

Don't you have a friend that when they send you a text, a half-a-dozen emojis come with it? How many different emotions can you have going on at the same time? For God's sake, just take your meds, do some yoga, and take a break from texting for 5 minutes.

OMG, I just learned how to insert emojis into my blog posts. How am I feeling right now? 🐘 Much like an elephant because of an extra large lunch. What's going to happen here is that idiots like myself, who are working at their desks, are now going to start futzing around with these stupid emojis. This means decreased productivity, which will lead to a crashing American economy. Thanks Apple. Thanks Zuckerberg. Thanks Obama!

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