So if you took a restaurant like TGI Fridays and mixed it with a Hooters, that would describe your average Tilted Kilt location.

I had a chance to see one of these fabulous restaurants and bars for the first time during my last trip to
Denver, and it's pretty awesome. Now it looks like we could be seeing one of these establishments
opening in Greater Danbury!

According to the CT Post, the sports bar brand, Tilted Kilt recently announced plans to bring some locations to not only Danbury, but also Stamford. They didn't exactly say where these locations will be, but rest assured, they will do very well.

Tilted Kilt is based in Arizona, and has a location in Connecticut in Wethersfield and runs a total of more than 100 stores nationwide. It all began in the early 1990's in Las Vegas, and has been growing ever since with their quite attractive servers.

Let's see how long it takes for them to specify locations.