You would think after starring in films like The Goonies, The Burbs and License to Drive you might just rest on your laurels. Not Corey Feldman. He can't stop, he won't stop. 

years later he hit us with the reality sensation "The Two Corey's" and now he is here to save Rock and Roll. This guy goes on the Today show, scorches the Earth and returns a few weeks later to drop a hit for the ages. "Take a Stand" is the name of the song and you are welcome.

He is a brilliant as he is beautiful. All I can think about is what is next for Corey? I cannot get enough. Will he run for political office? Try out for the Mets? Cure a disease? Whatever he attempts he will inevitable succeed at. Corey Feldman is a true Renaissance man.

Don't ever call me a Corey Feldman fan. That's not enough. I am a full FANATIC. I need the whole word to describe my love for this cat.