If you're stuck on a name for that new bundle of joy, here are the most popular baby names in Connecticut that were just released by the Social Security Administration. Even though the name "Ethan" did not make Connecticut's top ten baby names list, it came in at #6 on the national list.

  • 1

    Mason and Olivia

    Olivia Wilde....gettyimages
  • 2

    Noah and Emma

    Noah Wylie....gettyimages
  • 3

    Alexander and Sophia

    Sofia Vergara....gettimages
  • 4

    Jacob and Isabella

    Jake Gyllenhaal....gettyimages
  • 5

    Liam and Eva

    Liam Neeson....gettyimages
  • 6

    Michael and Mia

    Mia Farrow....gettyimages
  • 7

    Logan and Charlotte

    Charlotte McKinney(Model)....gettyimages
  • 8

    Benjamin and Emily

    Benjamin Bratt....gettyimages
  • 9

    Anthony and Abigail

    Abigail Spencer(Actress)....gettyimages
  • 10

    William and Madison

    William Shatner....gettyimages