Oooops! New England storm Ashford catches I-95 Morning Show host, Ethan Carey by surprise with six inches of snow and ice! Hey guys, how many times have you heard this before? "I told you it was going to snow! How many times have I asked you to get the lawn furniture under the deck and covered up before we get that first snow storm?! Don't you read the forecast a hundred times every morning?!" You would think that after living in New England for 35 years, I'd have this down by now. Knowing my wife was right, as she most always is, I just couldn't let her know that...yet. I'm not that quick on my feet, so I told her that as guys get older, especially when they make that transition into their middle age years, time seems to speed up. The days, weeks, and months go flying by and at the age of 62, the month of December came out of nowhere almost as if November was erased from the calendar!! She turned around and looked at know what I'm talkin' about guys.....The Look...... and very calmly she said, "Really? Is that what you're going with?" At which time I slipped on my boots, coat, gloves, and hat and proceeded to brush off the six inches of snow on each piece of furniture so I could complete a task that should have been done in mid November. I hate it when she's right!