I've been to In-N-Out Burger, and it's awesome. Will they ever come to Connecticut?

We all know the BIG names of the fast food world, but it wasn't until I found this article in Business Insider about the 25 best fast food chains in the country that I realized just how many incredibly successful ones I had no idea about. I knew 13 out of the 25, and I've eaten at 9 of them.

As you check out the list, you'll see many restaurants that are native to particular areas for very specific reasons. One of my favorites is the In-N-Out Burger, which I ate at a bunch of times on a trip to California. I've jonsed for them ever since, and it appears that I'm not alone.

In a story from newstimes.com, a blog called QSRonline.com, used a series of national and state surveys to ask more than 6,000 people the following question:

What restaurant does your city and or state not have, that you wished it did?

In Connecticut, the top three answers were In-N-Out Burger, White Castle and Cracker Barrel. Matter of fact, In-N-Out Burger was the top answer all across the United States. Don't hold your breathe on chowing down on the treats of  In-N-Out here in Connecticut or anywhere nearby any time soon.

According to Business Insider, California’s first drive-thru hamburger stand, which was opened in 1948, the In-N-Out will likely never arrive on the East Coast.

Why, you ask? The company has many reasons, but the biggest is that the chain prides itself on serving top-notch ingredients, free of additives or preservatives. That means all stores must be within 300 miles of the company's distribution facilities. All of their hamburgers are cooked from fresh, not frozen patties.

It's human nature to want what we can't have. Now, my mouth is watering so bad I may have to plan another trip out West.

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