Feeling as proud as any parent..  Today my heart swells with pride and joy and I didn't even give birth to him!!! My Alma Mata Danbury High School sends it's newest grads out into the world tonight and with them goes my nephew Kevin Novella!!!
First let me say congratulations to his parents, and all the parents today breathing the sigh of relief over a job well done. Second let me say I'm personally grateful that I've watched Kevin and his sister Ally grow into the amazing people they are. Yes I get to be the awesome Aunt who hands them back to the truly amazing parents that will nurture them both forever. My wish for all the grads today..Live your life with love and purpose..pay it forward whenever you can..remember- with respect- all that it took to get you to this point and the sacrifice of those who helped! Find your BLISS and follow it with all you have,because life is shorter then you can imagine! And Kevin- Auntie Pam loves you large!!!