The supermoon phenomena is beautifully surreal and cannot be controlled by man, and that's what makes it mind-blowing.

I don't know why sunsets and beautiful landscapes make me feel peaceful and content. Maybe it's because it can't be ruined by human hands and it's breathtaking to watch. The closest supermoon in 68 years will rule the sky on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday evening. This supermoon will be 221,457 miles from Earth, which is the closest and the largest it will be until 2034.

Mindy and I drove over to Chatterton Marina in New Fairfield to watch the sun set and the moon rise at around 6:45 on Sunday evening. Here are a couple of photos I snapped before the moon showed its face.

Sunset in New Fairfield - Photo by Ethan Carey
New Fairfield Sunset - Photo by Ethan Carey

The moon will be the closest to Earth at 6:21am Monday morning, Nov.14. We were able to watch it peek up over the horizon. Here are my pics.

Supermoon Begins to Appear - Phot by Ethan Carey
Moon Over Connecticut - Phot by Ethan Carey

The four photos were taken with my iphone 6s. I only wish I could plop down 6 bills for an advanced Nikon camera and move it up to the next level. But I guess you would call that a 'First World Problem.' If you took photos of the supermoon, we would love it if you would take the time to post your shots.

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