According to Yahoo Sports, Colin Kaepernick will donate his first million dollars made this season. He said, "help these communities and help these people.”

I don't know what that means. It sounds awfully vague, but no matter what, he will have to follow through or he will be cast aside forever by the American public. He will probably find a reputable organization who helps those in need, and write that fat check.

Problem with this is I do not think he is behind it. This stinks of Roger Goodell. It smells, I tell you. It smells. This has the stank of the NFL shield all over it. The fact is, the NFL has been a public relations nightmare for at least the last ten years. The league has mismanaged one situation after another. They have swept things under the rug, allowed cheating and under penalized unthinkable criminal activity. They needed to act fast on this. I believe that is what happened. I think the league stepped in and told this guy to put his money where his mouth is or take a hike.

We will see how it plays out, but I think the damage is done for this guy. If he were an elite QB who chose to take a social stand in another way we would call him a hero. He is not elite and he disrespected national symbols of freedom, bravery and honor. The dishes are done man.