The scene of the crime was Linden Place, less than a half mile from Danbury's City Hall.

Late last month, my partner Lou reported that after a special investigation that lasted several months, detectives with the Special Investigations Division say that they had to force the door open at a home on Linden Place where they allegedly found a man named Richard "Ricky" Cardwell doing his best to jam bags of heroin down the toilet. Ask any reputable plumber, and they will emphatically tell you that placing foreign objects such as heroin, feminine hygiene products, cat litter, and make-up removal pads into your toilet bowl is a very bad idea. The problem is they don't disintegrate quickly enough, which is bad news for a heroin dealer trying to get rid of his stash.

If the police are correct, Cardwell simply made a rookie mistake. Instead of a couple bags of smack, he supposedly attempted to stuff 230 bags of smack down the toilet bowl. Now, you've got a big ugly bathroom mess! The street value of the heroin was approximately $4,800. Mayor Mark Boughton praised the work and follow-through of LT. Mark Williams who heads up the Danbury Police Special Investigation Division, while telling the NewsTimes it's such an uphill battle fighting these heroin dealers.

From 2012 to 2015, heroin deaths spiked from 174 to 416 because the price of heroin is so cheap. It is a national epidemic and the Danbury Police force is out every day looking for, and investigating groups and individuals connected to the drug trade. The following is a short video produced by Danbury Police. Please keep this important message in mind. Thank You!

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