Would you drink a specially brewed Ethan and Lou beer? What should it taste like? Would it be an ale or lager, maybe a stout or an IPA? How about an Ethan and Lou malt liquor?

Have you noticed that I-95 is always throwing a party? Comin' up, we've got The International Beer and Food Festival on June 11, followed by The Bacon and Brew Fest on July 16. At each of our events, there are a variety of awesome local breweries that step up, and treat the I-95 listener to beertastic goodness.

Doesn't it make sense that one of those local breweries should step up to concoct a special Ethan and Lou beer? Of course it does! What should the Ethan and Lou Beer taste like? Should it be a smooth ale that goes down easy, or should it be a heavy beer like a stout or porter? Maybe it should be an obnoxiously bitter IPA, or a fruity beer like Sam Adams Summer Ale.

Many area breweries have joined with I-95 for our many beer events like Half Full Brewery in Stamford, Black Hog Brewing Co. and OEC Brewing in Oxford, Two Roads Brewing in Stratford, Weed Brewing Co. in Chesire, along with so many others. There must be one Connecticut or New York State brewery who would accept the challenge of crafting an Ethan and Lou Brew. What do you think about this for the art work?

Ethan and Lou Minnions Created by Frank Minnetti

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