I am impressed that they can, but we should not let them, man?  Have you guys not seen Planet of the Apes or the other Planet of the Apes or the other one?

According to Reuters, they found based on experiments from a sanctuary in the Republic of Congo that chimps may have the ability to understand basic elements of cooking.

I love chimpanzees like no ones business, but we cannot have them cooking.  Maybe in a lab just to prove their intelligence in a controlled environment...yeah that is fine but out here in public?

No thanks man.  There is someone right now...probably a woman with no family and a lot of cats who is dying to have a chimp that can cook for her and love her down.  We don't need this.  NO!

You have to know if we arm them we are screwed.

Yeah you give an army of monkeys knives and enslave them to cook for us it is a matter of time..probably a few weeks before they rise up and destroy us.  We already have to worry about ISIS, the Taliban, a robot revolution, water shortages, a lack of energy sources, food shortages, West Nile, Ebola, Kim Jong Un, the global market........ENOUGH!

I don't need to have to worry about an army of monkeys with butcher knives....imagine the terror!  Have you ever seen a baboon?  How bout an armed one?

Can't take it.
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