His name is Chief Iron Wolf and he's a longtime resident of New Milford and according to the News-Times, he's running as a write-in candidate for New Milford mayor next week.Over the years, Wolf has challenged town officials over the upkeep of his property. In 2011 Wolf, who is 74, had his name changed legally from Wilfred Megin to Chief Iron Wolf. He's running on a platform of doing away with personal property taxes, holding elected officials to a 10 year limit, and fair treatment to all New Milford residents by the local government.


The Chief is also pushing for naming all public property in honor of residents who have died while serving their country. He says that a $99 million budget for a town that was founded as a farming community is absolutely insane. Wolf is of Mattabassett Indian heritage and chose to change his name so he would be "officially" recognized as a Native American.

Wolf lived on Old Town Park Road, but that property was seized because he refused to pay the property taxes. He's been fighting various violations for years and refuses to pay fines that total $59,500 according to court documents. He has since paid a fine to take care of the issue. Wolf's name will not appear on the ballot, but can be written in on the bottom as "Chief Iron Wolf."

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