The current national average for a gallon of gas is $2.713 and in Connecticut the average per gallon price is $2.83. Let's go find the best prices in the Danbury area.


1. $2.65/Cash....Noble(58 Padanaram Rd(Danbury)

2. $2.68/Cash....Sunoco(64 Newtown Rd(Danbury)

3. $2.69/Cash....Gulf(113 North St near I-84(Danbury)

4. $2.69/Cash....Standard(464 North Main St. Near Golden Hill Rd(Danbury)

5. $2.69/Cash....Citgo(133 Padanaram Rd & Clapboard Ridge Rd(Danbury)

6. $2.71/Cash....Valero(41 North St Near I-84(Danbury)

7. $2.71/Cash....Sunoco(30 Federal Rd & Candlewood Lake Rd(Brookfield)

8. $2.72....Wheels(27 Tamarack Ave & Hayestown Rd(Danbury

9. $2.72....Global(110 Newtown Rd & Pocono Rd(Danbury)

10. $2.72/Cash....Citgo(38 North St. & Balmforth Ave(Danbury)

11. $2.73....Wheels(351 Main St. & Rose St(Danbury)

12. $2.73....United Fuel(241 White St & Meadow St(Danbury)

The lowest price for a gallon of gas in Connecticut is $2.45 at Frank's Gas & Service in East Haven and the highest price per gallon is $3.69 at the Mobil on 302 Post Rd East in Westport. It could be worse! Check out the photo.