Every Tuesday , I'll be reporting about the best gasoline prices in the greater Danbury area. Let's save some cash.

** $2.57BJ's Wholesale/Member's Only(106 Federal Rd. Brookfield)

** $2.59Costco/Member's Only(200 Federal Rd. Brookfield)

** $2.59Global(110 Newtown Rd. Danbury

** $2.59/CashSunoco(124 Putnam Park Rd. Bethel)

** $2.61Sunoco(Rt. 39 New Fairfield)

** $2.61/CashCitgo(77 Greenwood Ave Bethel)

** $2.63Irving(177 Federal Rd. Brookfield

** $2.63Wheels(27 Tamarack Ave, Danbury

** $2.63Citgo(90 West St. Danbury)

** $2.63Hess(20 Danbury Rd. New Milford)

** $2.63Valero(315 Danbury Rd. New Milford)

** $2.69Wheels(151 South Main St. Newtown)

** $2.69/CashValero(603 Danbury Rd./US 7..Ridgefield)

** $2.69/Cash…Citgo(399 Danbury Rd./Limestone Rd.)

The national average for a gallon of gas in the U.S.A is $2.55/gallon……..

The Connecticut average for a gallon of gas is $2.71/gallon…..