The new Starbucks is brewing on West Main, and soon...a gas station/convenience store will open down the road a bit. 

I've lived in the Town Plot section of Waterbury for most of my life. I used to shop at the A&P where the CVS now stands. I used to gas up at the gas station where the new Starbucks now stands. I also used to go to Spartans when it was on the opposite side of Chase Parkway from the current Spartans.

I noticed in the past year or so, there has been a lot of movement in this area of town. First, Elizabeth Richard's Gifts vacated their property, and moved into their beautiful new location in Woodbury. Then I noticed that there was finally some movement at the former site of Spartan's at 999 Chase Parkway. I drove by this morning and took this photo you see above, it's going to be a Pro Fuel Convenience Store/Gas Station, and it's going to have a drive-thru!

The West side of Waterbury has been thirsting for a gas station for a long time. I've always wondered why someone didn't open another station after the Texaco closed at the intersection of Robbins Street and West Main. Currently, you have to go down the hill into Colonial Plaza, or Watertown Avenue to get your beef jerky and unleaded fix. Hold tight NVCC, UCONN, and Post Students, it looks like it won't be long before you can pull through this new convenience store's drive-thru and get your energy drink fix.

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