I love exploring new culinary destinations in Central/Western Connecticut. This weekend, I drove to Plainville at Mrs. Large's suggestion. We stopped into Bolo Bakery & Cafe, which is located at 33 Whiting Street for breakfast on Saturday morning.

Photo by Large "Bacon and eggs" Dave

The place is immaculate, with a modern interior and ample seating. I ordered the steak and eggs with home fries, and Mrs. Large got the French Toast. Both meals were excellent. As we were leaving, we took a look at some of the incredible baked goods that Bolo has to offer.

Photo by Large "Sprinkles" Dave

Fresh fruit always catches my eye, and the Tarts that Bolo make look like works of art.

Photo by Large "Type II" Dave

Bolo Bakery serves breakfast and lunch, and the staff that was working on Saturday morning were very polite, and the service was excellent. I'm slowly evolving to enjoy the sweet side of baked goods, I've always tended to lean on the savory side of snacks. Between Hardcore Sweet in Oakville and Bolo in Plainville, I'll be swimming in cupcakes for the rest of 2016 and beyond.

Bonus video: Watch the creation of the Large Dave/i95 Cupcake at Hardcore Sweet in Oakville