Now that I have your attention...Paris Hilton aside...I do dig me a little "Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat Bar" it appears I am not alone! "TIME" magazine just put out a list of the most influential CANDY BARS of all time.."influential"..their word not mine! Kit Kat is quote "Beyond being the first candy bar to be marketed around sharing,which helped turn chocolate into a social snack, Kit Kat was also the first to gain a global following." wonder Lou can't find any place to be alone..hahaha...But I know me is to know I am seriously only a dark-bitter chocolate fan..Kit Kat has forever been the only exception to my rule. Who knew I was so socially,chocolatey ahead of the curve.Now bring me a Kit Kat bar...and a nice bottle of Malbec to wash it down with :)