We had Larry Marsicano from the Candlewood Lake Authority on the Ethan and Lou show this morning. He was brought in to talk about a possible noise ordinance on the lake.

Ethan Carey of the Ethan and Lou show blogged about his issues with the noise the other day and got a huge response. He was saying that it's time for a noise ordinance on the lake, and that people are playing their music way too loud. He is not alone. This has been brought up before.

The response to Ethan's blog, however, was mixed. He had people who were, of course, with him. He also had people who disagreed strongly, and I mean very strongly. In fact, one guy, (with a lot of people who agree with him) said:

Dood, the lake is what 15 miles long, goes through how many towns? Let alone how many coves there are to hang out. If you don't like the music go to another spot. The Rock has always been known for a lot of boats n people having fun and enjoying themselves. NOW you wana try and implement a noise ordinance. Could you possibly find something better to complain about?!

The reason this world is becoming s--t is bc ppl like u who r complaining bout music rather Then people promoting peace and happiness and positiveness. You wana try n ruin a group of boats n people's time who've been on the lake since they were young kids.

Well, that's one group of people's feelings on the noise issue.

I am torn on this. The music does not bother me as much as it bothers Ethan or others. I do, however, think the behavior of the people blasting the music is questionable.

For instance, a few weeks ago when I was out on the I-95 Party Barge, I saw a double-decker boat blasting music. There were about 15 people on it. The ladies were on the bottom floor, while all the men were on the top level flexing and checking out each other's muscles. Not my kind of party, but who am I to judge?