So a little birdie told me that on January 1st, 2014 Canada was colder than Mars.  Now this reminds me of when i heard Brewster had more Sexually transmitted diseases then Mahopac. 

LOL. Trust me that was WAY more fun for me to write then for you to read. HAHA. No, seriously....this is a big deal. We have now found that our planet is no longer good enough. I'd like to be the first person to volunteer to be sent to Mars. Duct tape me to a rocket and send me into space. I like my alone time anyway and if I do run into aliens when I get there I'll be fine. Nobody is better at charming strangers than me, its people I know well that I can't deal with. Godspeed weirdo! Prepare the Rocket. "Ground control to Major Tom!" I hate that we are in this deep freeze. The stupid part is I'm Johnny short term so I'd have you shoot me into space and then regret it when summer comes. I don't wanna miss Block Island in July.