I found this "bomb" in the s-----r this morning here at the radio station.

It's time for me to spring into action and disable this baby. The question becomes do I cut the red or the pink wire? If anyone here is capable of saving the whole staff and shutting this bomb down, it's me. I have seen a ton of action movies.

OK, dems was jokes, y'all.

It's the new hand dryer they are installing here at the radio station in the bathroom. You see, we are undergoing renovations. So now, we will have a fancy new hand dryer in the bathroom, which is nice. It certainly beats the old one.

You see, the old automatic paper towel dispenser would get set off by your head while washing your hands and scare the bejesus out of you just like this:

Lou's phone

See that? I was less than delighted by starting my day this way. So much so, that I took an angry selfie with it. It was not my only angry radio station selfie. There was the time I took a picture with this sign.

Lou's phone

I'll close the doors if I want to close the doors. If not, the doors will be open. How do you like me now?

Then, there was this beauty of a sign:

Lou's phone

The irony there is that the sign itself was MADE OF PAPER!

My head did not make it into this photo, but I was also not amused by this sign:

Lou's phone

I'm a grown up. If I want to wipe my feet, I will. Also, that is where "wipe your feet" came from on the Ethan and Lou Miracle Network.

Then, they wanted to tell me about box tops.

Lou's phone

I will do whatever I want with the box tops, and trust me I know where the scissors are.

All of that said, I'm somewhat known for my own passive aggressive (mostly aggressive) notes. There's evidence of that here in this video:

Visual Proof That Lou Milano Has Zero Patience Whatsoever