Did you know that an unborn child can hear as early as sixteen weeks into their development? 

From the dailymail.co.uk comes the news of a new product called the babypod. Here's how it works. The babypod is an intravaginal  speaker which is inserted like a tampon and plays music directly to the fetus.

All you need to do is attach the cord from the babypod to your cell because the device is controlled by a mobile phone app. There have been many products made that wrap a small speaker around mom's belly, but the makers of babypod claim that the sound of the music is muffled by mom's abdominal wall. Through research conducted, they claim that baby's can hear the complexities of the music only when a tiny speaker is inserted directly into the vagina.

We've established that music played for unborn children is a good thing, but what type of music is best for the child. According to more4kids.info, softer music like classical or nature sounds have a calming effect on the baby. Louder music like death metal might just scare the baby. To recap, Jim Brickman or the sound of waterfall is good for baby. Sets of music from Megadeath or Anthrax are not encouraged if you're looking to keep your baby relaxed and calm.

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There are no research findings that guarantee your child will be more intelligent if they're treated to music before birth. Another advantage of owning a babypod is that after your baby is born, your babypod could be called on for other joyful pleasures. Don't tell me you haven't thought about it!

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