OH BOY!  A horse that did not know what was at stake lost a race that would have benefited him in no way whatsoever! 

Number 1 - The horse gets nothing and does not care!

Number 2 - It's the most anti-climactic sporting event on the planet, triple crown possibilities or not it's a couple minutes long.

Number 3 - Gamblers care, everyone else pretends so they can wear a big hat and get wasted.

Number 4 - Does anyone address the fact that only gamblers and old, rich, white men truly benefit?  Does anyone care what the horse has to endure?

Number 5 - I DON'T CARE - And that's all that matters!

Number 6 - Did I mention that the event is less than 3 minutes long?

Number 7 - It's downright boring live or on TV!  If you remove the alcohol and possible financial gain there is not one person that would spend a moments thought on this, NOT ONE!

Number? - Wait I lost count, who cares!  I'm wasting my breath!  I know that the only people who will react to this blog are people who love horse racing all year round and since I have ZERO in common with them and they will be angry and annoying I just wasted my time.