It's a European Adventure...I have had the pleasure of a trip to France and adored my time there.But it was a whirlwind and I was the host of said trip.The couple that won it had no interest in doing the one thing I was dying to do,and sadly I was never able to fit it on my own.Sadder still I have never made it back to the land of the Eiffel Tower, Palace of Versailles, place Vendome, Mont Saint-Michel...all places  I did visit...hell I even ate frogs legs during a boat ride on the Seine!!! But I never got to have a bottle of wine and take in a show at the most famous cabaret in the world- the Moulin-Rouge. So a holiday back to the land of haute couture and phenomenal wine is on my bucket list!!! Now to practice walking in a headdress...did I also say I'd love to do the Can-Can on the stage there!!!!