Bruce Bennett, avid hockey fan and the owner of Bruce Bennett Nissan in Wilton, has teamed up with two partners to bring back professional FHL hockey to Danbury!! He made the announcement this morning at 8:15 on "The Ethan and Lou Show!"

Back on June 4, Bennett talked with us about putting together an investment team with the ultimate goal of bringing back professional hockey to Danbury. Here's the link to that conversation. Back in April, the Danbury Ice Arena chose not renew the Danbury Whaler's lease due to unpaid bill issues they had with the team. They were then asked to pack up their gear and vacate the building. The managing partner for the Whalers, Herm Scorcher, then put a deal together to purchase a new FHL team, which they named, The Stateline Whalers. They will play their home games at the Brewster Ice Rink. After we talked with Bennett this morning, we hooked up with the former coach of the Danbury Whalers, Phil Esposito, who has been named head coach of Bennett's yet un-named team.

Don't forget to log onto, to enter your suggestion for the new team name!

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