This is the second time in three days that I have to say thank you to the Brookfield Police Department. Are you ready for cuteness overload and a happy ending?

We all love to hear about things that are local, but when they really hit home, well, they really hit home. As I read about this mother duck, and her 11 babies, not only could I picture exactly where she was, but if you have ever lived in Brookfield, CT, like me, then you know that there is an open air sanctuary right up route 133 just where mama was heading. That's even more good news.

This story is a feel-good story all around. First of all, how many motorists would be concerned enough about a duck to call 911? Secondly, Brookfield police thought that these 11 little ducks were important, and saved their lives. With Mother's Day just a few weeks away, it makes this story even that much sweeter.

Just last Wednesday, I wrote a story about how Brookfield Police and Brookfield Volunteer Fire Department responded so quickly to a fire in front of our radio stations which had spread very quickly, and furiously, that it could have been quite a disaster had they not been so diligent. If you missed it, the video of that fire is pretty crazy, and you can see it below.

Meanwhile, back with mama (yes, I did just throw in a Tim McGraw/Faith Hill reference), it seems that the she was guarding her babies, who had fallen through a storm drain grate and were eight feet below her. Brookfield Police responded, and actually went down into the storm drain to save the babies. Check out these amazing pictures courtesy of Brookfield Police Department Facebook Page:

I am an animal lover. It makes my heart swell with pride, and admiration that Brookfield Police felt that they were important, and had respect for mama duck, her babies and wildlife in general.

Bonus Video - Fire In Brookfield