Bridgeport resident, Felix "Cuba" Delgado, a self proclaimed high priest of the Santeria religion, was picked up in Massachusetts on Tuesday and arrested for grave robbing according to the Connecticut PostWhat police found in his Bridgeport Hallett Street basement are what horror movies are made of. Police discovered two human skulls and various bones taken from the remains of two individuals.

Police Capt. Armando Perez told the CT Post that, "Delgado is a high priest in the Santeria religion and practices the dark arts." Delgado is also wanted in Worcester, Mass. for eight counts of disinterment of a body, accused of breaking open caskets, and stealing the bodies of three adults and two children. Some of the bodies were taken from a mausoleum.

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After a Bridgeport detective picked him up, Delgado told him he knew he was coming. The detective told the CT Post, "He told us he was a high priest and he was putting a curse on us - I'll let you know how I feel later."

Santeria is a primitive African-West Indies religion with frightening over tones to put it mildly.

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