Why is this happening?  It just seems wrong.  First off Brian Urlacher had possibly the coolest looking bald head in the history of bald heads.  He looked more intimidating as a bald man they he would ever look with hair.  Who even knew Brian Urlacher even cared about his appearance at all?This is a must see video for any sports fan.  Urlacher went on a local morning TV show in Chicago and revealed his new look.

He used to look like a football player, an all-time great linebacker and now he looks like an accountant who just happens to be in good shape.  If this is possible what's next?  Will we finally see a real life unicorn?  Will Bill Cosby's accusers come out and say they were just kidding?  Hair is not important as a man if your head is shaped like Brian Urlacher's.  I get that it is cold outside but this is all too much.

This is a sign of where we are at in society.  This is the Kardashian effect.  Even our gridiron heroes are now worried about their looks so much that they have hair from the back of their head welded onto the front of it.

This had to be an endorsement thing.  Someone lined Brian's pockets with some serious cheddar man.  You don't take the toughest looking head in America and ruin it without a butt load of cash being dropped on you.

It's a sad day for sports fans.  What is left for us to believe in?